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Do you want a real-life peak into the filming locations from The Sopranos? This guided bus tour begins in New York City and makes its way to the locations in New Jersey. Sightseeing on luxury coaches from NYC to the Jersey suburbs.
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Join the Sopranos Hotspots guided bus tour and become a Sopranos expert! This bus tour begins in New York City and makes its way to the locations in New Jersey. Join them for sightseeing from NYC to the Jersey suburbs where Tony Soprano and his mafia buddies spend their days and nights.


  • Tours led by interactive, fun and knowledgeable tour guides
  • Luxury coach buses
  • Several quick step-off points at some of the locations during the tour
  • Tours that run year-round, in all kinds of weather
  • Sightseeing in comfort from NYC to the New Jersey suburbs
  • A look at the filming locations and behind the scenes stories
This guided bus tour will follow a map of Sopranos locations. See where the mob lives! The tour begins in New York and starts out with sites from the opening credits, including the exit of the Lincoln Tunnel and the famous Manhattan skyline. Then go into Jersey and see more sites from the credits like The Muffler Man, Pizza Land, the Valley Landscape silo, a featured Tudor house, a building in the center of the Meadowlands that Tony often passes, and the ramp to the Pulaski Skyway seen at the end of every episode.

The tour then hits some of the most recognizable places from the Sopranos: Barone Sanitation (Tony's business), the Skyway Diner (where Christopher gets shot), Big Pussy's auto body shop and Satin Dolls, also known as the Bada Bing.

Over 40 locations on the tour, including:
  • Take a peek inside Bada Bing's
  • Sit on the steps of the diner where Chris was shot
  • Visit the spot where Big Pussy spoke with the FBI
  • Sit in the restaurant booth where Tony sat in the final scene of the series
  • See Pizzaland, the Muffler Man, and other sites from the opening credits

Operating Times

See calendar for exact availability. Please arrive 15 min before tour departure.

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4 hours

Booth Location

Meet the tour guide in front of the Button Statue on 39th Street (Seventh Ave by 39th St). Your tour guide will be holding a BLUE UMBRELLA.

Nearest Intersection

7th Ave and 39th St


Pay parking is available however it can be very expensive.

Age Requirements

This tour follows the content of the series and is not appropriate for children under 13 years old.


All tours are led by tour guides, and take place on luxury coach buses. There are several quick step-off points at some of the locations during the tour. Tours run year-round, in all kinds of weather.

Guarantee Note: Due to the limited reserved seating and factors beyond the control of the operator, this product does not fall under the Trusted Tours and Attractions Guarantee program.