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Fountain of Youth Attraction

Welcome to St. Augustine's most inviting Historic Attraction: the Fountain of Youth Attraction. Explore what Archaeology tells us about this very important site. See the exhibits, hear the stories, taste the water and step into the past.
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6-12 years old. Child under 6 - FREE
Relive America's History at the Fountain of Youth Attraction. The Cradle of the United States is right here. Experience 500 years of history at the 1565 Birthplace of St. Augustine, Florida and Colonial European America.


  • See the stars in the Planetarium
  • Visit the Native Timucua Village
  • Watch a Cannon firing
  • Marvel at Spanish Exploration on the two-story high Discovery Globe
  • Learn about the 1565 Birthplace of European America
  • Visit the snack bar, picnic under the oaks
  • Explore the 600 ft. long observation platform over the Marsh
  • Drink from the legendary waters
This is where Florida's History all began! The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park is a 15 acre waterfront Historical Site where St. Augustine, Florida was founded in 1565. Stroll through this waterfront park where peacocks strut and shady oaks beckon you to stay. This is the location where Spanish Explorer Pedro Menendez de Aviles, in 1565, established the first and oldest continuous European Settlement in the United States of America.

Learn about Native Indians. For over 4000 years, Native Timucua Indians prospered on this land. Hear their story, see their skills for survival and learn their customs The Timucua Indian Village of Seloy existed here before the arrival of the Spanish in 1513.

With Ponce de Leon's claim of possession for the Spanish King in 1513, "La Florida" was born. No other Spanish colonies that followed were successful...until the arrival of Pedro Menendez de Aviles on September 8, 1565.

Fountain of Youth Attraction commemorates the founding of Florida by Spanish Explorer Ponce de Leon and his search for the Legendary Fountain of Youth. Over the last 100 years, many thousands of guests have visited The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in order to sip the world famous waters and hear the history behind its legendary benefits.

Explore these exhibits...

Your Exploration begins with a drink from the Legendary Spring that has flowed under this site for as long as anyone can remember. Learn the history of Ponce de Leon's search and his Spanish claim for Florida in 1513.

A two story high glowing globe that traces the routes of Spanish exploration in the New World. Floating in space, this presentation showcases the Spanish towns established from 1492 onward as ships arrived and colonized these lands.

The Stars appear as they did in 1513. Learn how Explorers found their way across the ocean so long ago using the constellations.

Natives inhabited this site for almost 4000 years. Gather in the Village of Seloy to experience how Timucuas lived, hunted, ate and thrived for so long. Hear the stories of long ago and connect past to present

The Spanish arrived in 1565 and established the first and oldest settlement. See how they defended their position with an historic cannon firing demonstration. Viva!

Spanish missionaries taught the Natives about Christianity and the Catholic Church. They established a mission on this site and buried church members according to these traditions.

Spanish Explorers and Timucua Indians developed a cooperative relationship here. This "First Encounter" led to an exchange of cultures that influenced both of them.

Imagine a time long ago when Pedro Menendez built his first fort right here. Think about Native Timucua Indians shaping pottery on this very same spot. Archaeology helps us to rebuild the past using artifacts discovered on the property. The story is amazing!

The 15 acre Fountain of Youth Attraction site is a peaceful tribute to the natives and explorers that once occupied these grounds. Benches and picnic tables are located throughout the park for visitors to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature or a quiet lunch. There is an abundance of wildlife here. Make sure to bring your camera!

Celebrate the Birthplace of Our Nation in 1565. Get your eTickets today and explore it all at the Fountain of Youth Attraction!

Operating Times

Open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closes at 4:00pm on Thanksgiving Day. Closed on Christmas day.

Reservation Notes

Reservations are NOT needed or accepted. Tickets can be used on any operating day within 6 months of the purchase date.


self guided

Booth Location

11 Magnolia Ave, St. Augustine, Florida 32084

Nearest Intersection

Myrtle Ave and Magnolia Ave


Free ample parking

Age Requirements

Child Ticket: 6-12 years old. Child under 6 - FREE


Fountain of Youth is a walking attraction. Prices include all exhibits.